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September 8. 2022 Final Budget Hearing & School Board Meeting
2022 - 2023 Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement with EFSC
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Florida Statute 1007.271 requires a school board and college to enter into an inter-institutional articulation agreement to provide dual enrollment opportunities for eligible high school students.  The articulation agreement must be approved and submitted to the Florida Department of Education by August 1, 2022.

It is proposed that the School Board of Brevard County (SBBC) enter into a 1-year Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement (for the 2022-2023 school year) with the District Board of Trustees for Eastern Florida State College (EFSC). The list of changes below highlights modifications made to the 2021-2022 agreement that are included in the proposed articulation agreement for 2022-2023.

Changes to the 2021-2022 Articulation Agreement between the SBBC and EFSC that are included in the proposed 2022-2023 Articulation Agreement:


If the CCC or CTC program cannot be completed due to course scheduling or availability, the student may designate the associated degree program as major with their school’s approval. (page 3)

Full time dual enrollment students are no longer eligible for dual enrollment upon completion of the spring term regardless of their high school graduation status. (page 4)

Prior to their initial registration, students must provide to their high school counselor the EFSC Student Parent Dual Enrollment Participation Agreement signed by the parent/guardian and student. (page 5)

Identify appropriate students for participation and ensure that they meet eligibility criteria. (for high school DE classes) (page 5)

High school dual enrollment instructors will submit grades to the Registrar’s Office by the grades due date identified on the EFSC Academic Calendar for the spring semester for graduating seniors who are anticipated to earn their AA or AS degree. (page 7)

Have college placement scores on file if dual enrolling in CCC program offered at the high school unless this requirement is waived by both institutions. (page 8)

On a case by case basis and with the approval of both institutions, an exception to the GPA requirement may be made for an individual student to dual enrollment in a College Credit Certificate or Career and Technical Certificate program offered at the high school.  The basis for the exception is the student’s demonstrated interest in the specific technical program and the student’s potential to successfully master the course content. (page 11)

Notify the college promptly if a school board dual enrollment instructor teaching an active EFSC class at the high school resigns. (page 12)


Provide college ready reading and writing scores from an approved college placement test if enrolling in a CCC program offered at EFSC campus. (page 8)

On a case by case basis exceptions to the GPA requirement for high school technical dual enrollment course in a College Credit Certificate or Career and Technical Certificate program may be granted for a student who has demonstrated an interest in the specific technical program and the ability to successfully master the course content.  The waiver process shall include a written request from the high school counselor documenting support for the CTE teacher, and other relevant information.  Upon approval of the Board’s Director of Career and Technical Education or designee, the waiver request will be submitted to the College Vice President, Academic Affairs/Chief Learning Office, or designee for consideration.  Upon approval by both institutions, the student may register for the class. (page 11)

A copy of the proposed Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement for 2022-2023, including the exhibits, are attached below for your review.


Approve the attached articulation agreement with EFSC.

Authority for Action
General Powers and Duties of the Board
Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom
Source of Funding

Other Sources
Financial Impact
FY Amount Budgeted Fund Cost Center Project Function Object Program
22 $3,740,000.00 YES 100 9810 011073 5100 312


22 $970,420.000 YES 100 9810 000021 5100 521



Legal Counsel Review
Yes - Review Date: 08/05/2022
Nancy Howser, Resource Teacher, 7-12 Gifted & Accelerated Programs, ext. 11322 Mollie Vega, Director, Secondary Leading & Learning, Acceleration & Enrichment, ext. 11583 Dr, Stephanie Soliven, Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Leading & Learning, ext. 11300
2022-23 BPS EFSC DE Articulation Agreement draft.docx
2022-23 BPS EFSC DE Articulation Agreement final for Board Review 9.8.22.pdf
2022-23 BPS EFSC DE Articulation Exhibit A (Final).pdf
2022-23 BPS EFSC DE Articulation Exhibit B (Final).pdf
2022-23 BPS EFSC DE Articulation Exhibit C (Final).pdf
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