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10:00 am or imediately following the Regular Board Work Session

October 31, 2023, Board Work Session (General Counsel Evaluation)
Opening Exercises
1. Opening Exercises

Chairman Susin called the work session for General Counsel Evaluation to order at 11:08 am.

Roll Call
2. Roll Call

Chairman Susin asked School Board Administrative Assistant, Ms. Farnam to take Roll Call.  

Board Members Present: Katye Campbell, Jennifer Jenkins, Matt Susin, Gene Trent, and Megan Wright.

Ms. Seibel was in attendance as Legal Representative, Ms. Cowan, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent was also in attendance.

Pledge of Allegiance
3. Pledge of Allegiance

Chairman Susin invited the audience to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Order of Business
4. General Counsel Evaluation
General Counsel Evaluation 2022-2023.pdf

Chairman Susin and the Board members discussed the 5 Standards of Mr. Gibbs evaluation for 2022-2023 school year. 


  • Standard 1 - Communications
  • Standard 2 - Legal Knowledge/Services
  • Standard 3 - Organization and Management
  • Standard 4 - Professionalism
  • Standard 5 - School Board Relations


The Board made the following recommendations of future requests of Legal Counsel:

  • Provide the Board with a running list of the primary cases.
    • Send quarterly and Annual updates. (Susin & Wright)


  • Send out (to the Board) relevant case law right away.
    • Example: Over Christmas/New Years break they didn’t get the information until 6 days later than others had the information. Ms. Wright expects to know when someone moves on something big. 


  • “Send helpful resources about board governance since most members are not taking participating in FSBA trainings.” (Campbell)


  • Annual Review of the budget with the Board Members as a whole, and (Susin), mentioned, also to them individually. (Campbell) stated that Paul had already done this with the Board and with Cabinet and (Susin) said not with him. Disagreements on this issue.


  • The Board would like legal to take on some of the legal issues that outside counsel is currently handling to cut back on outside legal expenses. (Wright)


  • The Board expects Paul to take a parliamentary role when dealing with the Board during Board Meetings to minimize/eliminate the embarrassment that certain behaviors of some board members bring to the board. The Board members expectation is for Paul to “step in”, and the Board will respect his authority. (Wright).   Mr. Susin had told him not to step in unless Mr. Susin asked him to. Mr. Susin acknowledged that as well.


The outcome of this evaluation on all standards  overall was a Highly Effective.  Please see the attached evaluation for evaluator comments.

Closing Remarks
5. Closing Remarks

The Board brought Mr. Gibbs back into the meeting and discussed the evaluation and asked if there were any changes to the format for the 2023 - 2024 school year. 

Mr. Gibbs stated he would take a look at other County's and their process and get back to the Board at a later date.

6. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.

Chairman: __________________________ Secretary: ________________________________


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