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November 22, 2022 Organization of the Board with Oath of Office & School Board Meeting
Satellite Bus - Construction Management Services
Meeting Date(s)
Consent w/o Information - 11/22/2022
Consent Type
Without Information

In December 2020, staff presented a concept plan to the School Board to replace the Satellite Bus facility and the Mid-South Transportation and Maintenance facility (located on Pineapple Avenue in Melbourne) with a new Transportation and Maintenance facility to be located in the area along the Interstate 95 corridor approximately in the Ellis Road area. The Mid-South Transportation facility is functional, but the old school building is not habitable. The property is in a residential area and would be sold with the proceeds to be used for the new facility. The Satellite Bus facility is in severe disrepair and is no longer in use due to safety concerns about the structural integrity of the building. The Satellite Bus facility would be demolished, with the site eventually converted to parking since it is between Holland Elementary and the Satellite High School stadium.

Progressive steps towards this plan have included:

  • Developed a conceptual site plan for the new facility (Board approval of engineering contract September 21, 2021)
  • Engaged a realtor to find a suitable site for the new facility and sell Mid-South (after a new facility is operational), A primary site is under consideration. Due due diligence is underway and included in the engineering contract. 
  • Documented the structural condition of Satellite Bus facility
  • Adopted a modification to the District's Educational Plant Survey (EPS) to include demolition of Satellite Bus, sale of Mid-South, purchase property and build a new transportation and maintenance facility (Board approval September 8, 2022). The EPS modification has been approved by the Florida Department of Education. 
  • Completed design, permitting and preconstruction for the demolition of Satellite Bus

One of the next steps in the project is to demolish the Satellite Bus facility. Canaveral Construction, Co., Inc. has submitted a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) in an amount not to exceed $195,989.36 under their continuing contract for construction management services to demolish the Satellite Bus facility and related appurtenances, cap off utilities and remove the fuel island and fuel tanks. The site will be restored at a level grade. The project was designed by Morgan & Associates, Consulting Engineers, Inc. under their continuing contract for civil engineering services. The project does not include creating a paved parking area. The project is funded through previously budgeted funds for this project. Administration and permitting costs are estimated at $8,000.

Board approval is required for purchase orders over $50,000. The standard form of the agreement has been used which does not require legal review.


Approve the total project construction budget in the amount of $203,989.36 for the demolition of the Satellite Bus facility.

Approve the Guaranteed Maximum Price in an amount not to exceed $195,989.36 submitted by Canaveral Construction Co., Inc. under their continuing contract for construction management services for the demolition of the Satellite Bus facility.

Authority for Action
F.S. 1001.42
Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom
Source of Funding

Capital Projects
Financial Impact
FY Amount Budgeted Fund Cost Center Project Function Object Program
22-23 $195,989.36 Yes 378 9532 007934 7400 681 000
22-23 $8,000.00 Yes 378 9532 007934 7400 684/686 000
Legal Counsel Review
Susan Hann, P.E., Assistant Superintendent Facilities Services 633-1000 ext. 11446 David Lindemann, AICP, Director Planning & Project Management 633-1000 ext. 11463
Transportation and Maintenance Facility Concept Plan.pdf
Exerpt from 12.15.20 Board workshop satellite bus.pdf
Satellite Bus Structural Report 2017.pdf
Satellite Bus Compound Demolition GMP Attachments.pdf
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