Educational Services Facility - Training Rooms 5-8
9:00 a.m.

May 16, 2023 Work Session
Opening Exercises
1. Opening Exercises

Chairman Matt Susin called the meeting to order at 8:59 a.m.

Roll Call
2. Roll Call

Members Present:  Katye Campbell, Jennifer Jenkins, Matt Susin, Gene Trent and Megan Wright.

Pledge of Allegiance
3. Pledge of Allegiance

Chairman Susin led the pledge of allegiance.

Upon conclusion of the pledge of allegiance, Mr. Susin provided Terry Matson, Transitional Resource Teacher,  with an opportunity to brief the Board pertaining to the B.L.A.S.T. (Brevard Learners Achieving Successful Transition) program and their summer sale taking place in the Board Room.  The Board agreed to break around 10:45 a.m. to have an opportunity to visit their sale and speak to students. 

Discussion ensued pertaining to the program not being able to accept debit cards as a form of payment, which inhibits sales.  Ms. Lesinski, CFO, stated that she is going to work with Ms. Matson to determine if the use of debit cards is allowable.

Ms. Matson proceeded to share some ot he products that are produces by the students, to include dog treats, candles, soaps, and lotions.

Order of Business
4. Facilities Services Budget Presentation
Facilities Budget Presentation final 05.16.2023.pdf
Facilities Line Item Budget Proposal as of 05.15.2023.pdf

Sue Hann, Acting Superintendent, introduced her Facilities team, then proceeded to provide the Board with her departments budget presentation which will be the pilot in preparation for other departments' presentations. The information provided included:

  • Pilot Project Process
  • Facilities Budget - Work in Progress
  • Facilities' Why / Overview
  • Budget Overview by Cost Center
  • Points of Information
  • ESSER in Facilities' Operating Budget
  • General Fund Control Account Uses
  • Facilities' Operating Expenses by Cost Center
  • Facilities' Staffing by Cost Center
  • Planning & Project Management Staffing
  • Plant Operations & Maintenance Staffing
  • Overtime Use Explanation
  • Relationship to Capital Budget
  • Plant Operations & Maintenance Budget - FY23 & FY24
  • Understanding Facilities' Line-Item Budget
  • FY24 Department Budget Matrix
  • Lessons Learned
  • Looking Forward

Ms. Hann provided the opportunity for Board Members to ask questions throughout her presentation and asked for feedback at the conclusion. Discussion ensued among the Board pertaining to the information provided, including additional questions.  The Board expressed appreciation to Ms. Hann and her team.

5. Government & Community Relations Budget Presentation
GCR Budget Presentation_.pdf
Tentative Proposed GCR Budget 05.16.2023.pdf

Russell Bruhn, Chief Strategic Communications Officer, provided the Board with his department's budget presentation. The information provided included:

  • Department Overview
  • Services Provided
  • Budget Overview
  • Revenue Generated
  • PEI and Advertising
  • What's Next

Discussion ensued among the Board pertaining to the information presented, including questions answered by Mr. Bruhn.

Mr. Susin requested to receive follow-up information on how much the district spends for BK-12 and how much they received from their 20%. He also wants a breakdown of all advertising dollars generated and the items it was spent on.

Chairman Susin recessed the meeting at 10:47 a.m.

The meeting resumed at 1:19 p.m.

6. 3000 Policy Review

Board Members reviewed the 3000 policies to recommend changes for placement on a rule development approval track and/or to mark as reviewed on the Neola site.  Those reviewed include:

3120 Employment of Staff

  • This policy will be modified after legislative session.
  • Remove "at their residence" from letter M under I. Administrators.

NEOLA 3120.03 Athletic Coaches

  • Staff will review to see if this is addressed in another policy and will add this policy if needed.

3120.04 Employment of Substitutes, Short-Term Contract, and  Part-Time Staff

  • Modify section A. Substitute Teachers, Bullet 3 to allow for circumstances such as early release or signing out early, which would not provide for a full day (7 1/2 hours).

3120.05 Adult Education Certification

  • No changes.

3120.06 Selecting Student Interns

  • No changes.

3120.08 Part-Time Extra-Curricular Personnel

  • No changes.
  • Make technical change of removing (See Policy 3120.03).

NEOLA 3120.10 Job Sharing

  • Add this policy.

3120.11 Preference for Veterans in Employment

  • No changes.

3121 Conditions for Employment and Re-Employment of Staff

  • No changes.
  • Change administrative procedure 3124 section 3. Pre-Employment Drug Screening to reduce the (1) year, if statute allows.  Staff will review statute.

3121.01 Criminal Background and Employment History Checks

  • No changes.

3122 Nondiscrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity

  • Staff will bring this policy forward with recommended changes.

NEOLA 3122.01 Prohibition Against Disability Discrimination in Employment

  • Staff will review this policy to inquire if its contents are within our other policies and/or determine if it should be added.

3122.02 Nondiscrimination Based on Genetic Information of the Employee

  • No changes.

3124 Drug-Free Workplace 

  • No changes.

3126 Direct Contact Communicable Diseases

  • Repeal this policy.

3128 Contract:  Employees

  • Staff will bring this policy forward with recommended changes.

3129 Conflict of Interest

  • Staff will bring this policy forward with recommended changes.

3129.01 Tutoring

  • No changes, unless there is a conflict based on statute.  Mr. Gibbs will inquire and bring forward with recommended changes if needed.

3130 Appointment, Assignment, Transfer, and Promotion of Staff

  • Staff will bring this policy forward with recommended changes.

3130.01 Re-Assignment of Staff

  • No changes.

3131 Reduction in Staff

  • No changes.

NEOLA 3132 Vacancies

  • Add this policy.
  • Staff will bring this policy forward with recommended changes.

3139 Employee Misconduct

  • No changes.

3139.01 Staff Discipline

  • No changes, but ensure it is not violating any law.  Mr. Gibbs will inquire and bring forward with recommended changes if needed.

3140 Suspension or Dismissal of Staff

  • No changes.

3150 Resignation

  • No changes.

3160 Physical Examination

  • No changes.

3161 Fitness for Duty

  • No changes.

3210 Standards of Ethical Conduct

  • No changes.

3211 Whistleblower Protection

  • No changes.

3213 Student Supervision and Welfare

  • No changes.

3214 Gifts

  • Use Neola template.

3215 Smoking and Tobacco-Free Environment

  • No changes.

3216 Dress and Grooming

  • No changes.

3220 Evaluation of Personnel

  • No changes, but staff will review and bring forward recommendations if needed.

NEOLA 3232 Political Activities

  • Add this policy if the contents are not within other policies.  Mr. Gibbs will review and bring forward recommended changes if needed.

3242 Professional Development

  • Staff will cross reference other policies containing professional development and will bring this policy forward with recommended changes.
  • Potentially repeal 1242 as needed if language can be incorporated into 3242.

3340 Instructional Staff Accidents and Work Place Safety

  • No changes.

3362 Anti-Harassment

  • Staff will bring this policy forward with recommended changes.

3380 Threatening Behavior Toward Staff Members

  • No changes.

3410 Compensation

  • This policy will be modified after legislative session.

3420 Benefits

  • Staff will review to ensure it is still accurate and bring forward recommended changes if needed.

3430 Leaves of Absence

  • No changes.

3430.01 FMLA Leave

  • Change the link currently in the policy to the guide book referenced in 3430.
  • Staff will review Neola template to incorporate needed language.

3430.02 Domestic Violence Leave

  • Staff will review Neola template and bring back recommendations if needed.

NEOLA 3440 Job-Related Expenses

  • Staff will review to ensure it is included within other policies and will bring back recommendation as needed.

3550 Complaints Against Staff

  • No changes.

3575 Candidates for Public Office

  • Repeal this policy and incorporate within our existing policy so language is all in one place.

3580 Supporting Political Candidates

  • Repeal this policy and incorporate within our existing policy so language is all in one place.

3590 Personnel File

  • No changes.

3600 Job Descriptions

  • No changes.

3610 Staff Reward and Recognition Program

  • No changes.
Closing Remarks
7. Closing Remarks
8. Adjournment

Chairman Susin adjourned the meeting at 3:41 p.m.

Chairman: __________________________ Secretary: ________________________________


  • Brevard Public Schools Television (BPS-TV) will broadcast this meeting live on Spectrum cable channel 496.   Board meetings are also available as streaming video on the district web page at www.brevardschools.org and YouTube channel at https://youtube.com/c/BrevardSchools.   
  • Sensory and mobility impaired persons seeking assistance for participation in any meeting, conference, or seminar should contact Karyle Green, Director, Labor Relations, five days prior to the meeting date.  Dr. Green may be reached at 321-633-1000, ext. 11266 (voice) or green.karyle@brevardschools.org (email).
  • Individuals or groups may address comments to the School Board during the Rule Development portion of the meeting specific to the policy being discussed.  There will be no other opportunity to public comment during workshops.
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