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March 9, 2021 Regular School Board Meeting
Sales Surtax Allocation to Facility Renewal
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Consent w/o Information - 03/09/2021
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Without Information

The total projected sales surtax revenue over $198 million is approximately $71.3 million (through February 2021). Revenue received through January 2021 is $66.3 million.

In October 2019, the ICOC and the School Board approved a process to allocate revenue over $198 million on a case by case basis with review by the ICOC and approval by the School Board. Previous allocation recommendations have totaled $55.7 million ($14.8 million security, $10.9 million educational technology and $30 million facility renewal).

At the February 17, 2021 ICOC meeting, staff recommended additional allocations to facility renewal projects as follows: 

Bayside High – Structural Repair: The ICOC previously recommended funding for elevated walkway repair to Building 400, which has been completed. Similar work is needed for Building 600. An additional $400,000 is recommended.

Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High – Central Energy Plant: An additional allocation of $600,000 is requested to replace another chiller and two cooling towers. 

Coquina Elementary – Sanitary Sewer and Electrical: The sales surtax renewal plan includes funding for sanitary sewer system renewal in year 1. Supplemental funding is needed for the sewer project and for electrical renewal that was missed in the assessment. An allocation of $400,000 is requested. 

Eau Gallie High Central Energy Plant: The sales surtax renewal plan allocates $300,000 from current surtax for replacement of pumps and motors. Based on equipment condition and ongoing operational issues, the team also recommends replacement of two chillers. The net increase in the  allocation is $350,000. 

Edgewood Jr./Sr. High ‐ Building 8 Building Envelope: Funding was previously allocated for facility renewal and drainage improvements at the school. Building 8 requires significant building envelope renewal which was anticipated, but not included in the original plan. Lower cost options were considered, but they are temporary cosmetic approaches rather than addressing the underlying issues. An additional allocation of $550,000 is requested. 

Jupiter Elementary – HVAC: Additional HVAC work is needed to address previously unidentified component issues (failing variable air volume (VAV) boxes and dampers) throughout the school. An additional $300,000 is recommended. 

Mila Elementary‐ HVAC and Building Envelope: The chilled water piping project at Mila Elementary was moved from year 3 of surtax renewal to funded with current surtax during the August 2020 discussion of the sales surtax renewal plan. As the project has developed, additional HVAC issues in several buildings have been noted. Building envelope issues (exterior doors and paint) also need to be addressed. An additional $800,000 is requested to complete a broader scope of work. (Note Building 9 has recently had significant roof issues that may require accelerating the roof project planned for the sales surtax renewal program in year 5. Evaluation is underway.)

Pinewood Elementary – HVAC: The sales surtax renewal plan includes replacement of unit ventilators in year 1. The project manager has also identified the need to replace old ductwork, add VAV units and replace the affected ceilings. The LED lighting planned for year 2 of the sales surtax renewal plan will also be incorporated into this project since the ceilings are already affected. This project also includes replacing the damaged structural pavilion with capital funds. An allocation of $600,000 is requested. 

Riviera Elementary – HVAC: Additional HVAC work is needed to address previously unidentified component issues (failing VAV boxes and dampers) throughout the school. An additional $300,000 is recommended.

Satellite High – HVAC: The planned sales surtax renewal project is substantially complete; however some additional HVAC improvements (replacing several air handling units, electrical, controls and test & balance) are requested to improve system performance. The allocation requested is  $350,000. 

Titusville High – HVAC: The ICOC previously recommended additional funding for the renewal of the central energy plant. During project development, additional HVAC work (VAVs and air handling unit in Building 21 as well as enhanced scope for the central energy plant renewal) was identified for a more complete system renewal. An additional $500,000 is recommended.

Fire Alarm Renewal: The fire alarm systems at 16 school/ancillary facility sites are utilizing outdated, non‐supported software and equipment. The newest system is 13 years old while some are over 20 years old. Funding allocation of $1.5 million is requested for the project. 

Covered Walkways to Portables: The 2014 sales surtax plan included $5.7 million to construct covered walkways to and among portable classrooms. This project was scheduled for the end of the program in case revenues did not meet projections. The plan developed in 2014 included covered walkways to 211 portables at 45 schools. Currently the District has 259 classroom portables at 53 schools. Through a competitive process, the District selected a design‐builder to execute the project. The team started with two pilot projects at Endeavour Elementary and Cocoa Jr./Sr. High to evaluate the level of effort for design and estimated costs for construction. Recently, staff and the design builder’s team have been working with the affected principals to properly size the scope of work through understanding (and potentially changing) how the school/students use and access the portable classrooms. The team has also worked with the Building Official to allow standard design details (for most applications). Solar lighting has been tested and will be used throughout the project, further reducing costs. The School Board will consider the preconstruction services for the complete project at its February 23, 2021 meeting. The construction pricing for Cocoa and Endeavour is scheduled for School Board consideration in March. Consideration of the construction pricing for the Districtwide project is expected this summer. Based on the pilot projects, an estimated $3.5 million is requested to fund the project.

The ICOC voted to recommend approval of these allocations to the School Board. School Board approval of the recommended allocations is requested.  Typically, the Board will also review these allocations again when the construction contracts are on the School Board agenda.

Approval of this allocation will leave an estimated balance of $5.4 million. Below is a summary of the allocation by group.

   Security   Educational Tech   Facility Renewal   Total 
 Total Allocation (pending Board approval)   $                 14,795,425  $                  10,882,300  $                 40,212,600  $          65,890,325
 Percent Allocation (pending Board approval)  22% 17% 61% 100%

A copy of the material provided to the ICOC is attached.    


Approve the allocation of sales surtax revenue over the $198 million program target to facility renewal projects as summarized below:

 Bayside High Structural Repair   $           400,000
 Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High Central Energy Plant   $           600,000
 Coquina Elementary Sanitary Sewer and Electrical   $           400,000
 Eau Gallie High Central Energy Plant   $           350,000
 Edgewood Jr./Sr. High Building 8 Building Envelope   $           550,000
 Jupiter Elementary HVAC   $           300,000
 Mila Elementary HVAC   $           800,000
 Pinewood Elementary HVAC   $           600,000
 Riviera Elementary HVAC   $           300,000
 Satellite High HVAC   $           350,000
 Titusville High HVAC   $           500,000
 Fire Alarm Renewal (16 sites)   $       1,500,000
 Covered Walkways to Portables   $       3,500,000
 Total Recommended Allocation ICOC 2.17.2021   $     10,150,000
Authority for Action
F.S. 1001.42, ICOC Charter
Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom
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Legal Counsel Review
Susan Hann, P.E., Assistant Superintendent Facilities Services 633-1000 ext. 11446 David Lindemann, AICP, Director Planning and Project Management 633-1000 ext. 11463
Allocation of Sales Surtax to Facility Renewal - ICOC 02.17.2021.pdf
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