Educational Services Facility
2:00 p.m.

March 22, 2022 Board Work Session
Opening Exercises
1. Opening Exercises

Chair Belford called the workshop to order at 2:00 p.m.

Roll Call
2. Roll Call

Members Present:  Misty Belford, Cheryl McDougall, Jennifer Jenkins, Matt Susin and Katye Campbell


Mrs. Campbell arrived at 2:04 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance
3. Pledge of Allegiance

Chair Belford led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Order of Business
4. Budget Priorities
Budget Workshop March 22.pdf

Cindy Lesinski, Chief Financial Officer, provided the presentation and then offered the Board an opportunity to discuss and/or ask questions.  


Ms. McDougall asked the Board if there was interest in asking Dr. Mullins to put together a milage for review and to obtain community support.  She stated that it is important right now with the current inflation/compression and where we are as a district.   Discussion ensued pertaining to this topic.  The Board unanimously support to have Dr. Mullins put this together for their review.  Dr. Mullins took a moment to express appreciation to the Board for being champions to our students and schools.  He understands the Board's direction and will bring it forward at a future meeting for their review.

5. Capital Projects Funding
03 22 2022 board workshop - final.pdf

Sue Hann, Assistant Superintendent of Facilities Services, provided the presentation and then offered the Board an opportunity to discuss and/or ask questions.  


Ms. Hann asked for guidance from the Board on the Middle School project so her team can proceed with planning. 

  • Ms. Belford asked if the impact fees can be used to pay both principal and intersest.  Ms. Hann stated that the intention is to fully fund the project with impact fees. 
  • Ms. Campbell stated that the district should borrow as little as possible and pay it off as fast as possible; therefore, she would recommend the district move forward with the early construction option and just borrow $20 million max and look for a vendor who will not charge a penalty for early payoff. 
  • Ms. Jenkins agreed with Ms. Campbell's sentiments. 
  • Ms. Belford asked Ms. Hann to speak upon student per station funding requirements and potential consequences.  Ms. Hann provided clarification on this topic.
  • Mr. Susin stated that the need to build faster is on multiple fronts.  First, higher construction costs are already being seen througout the county and will continue to increase, in addition higher fuel costs could affect the transportation aspect.  Also, parents are choosing to home school their children in order to stay in the county or to decrease their students travel time to and from school which is nearly 45-60 minutes each way.  Therefore, it makes sense to move forward as soon as possible.  He also suggested that we inquire on using reserves instead of financing to fund the financial gap.
  • Ms. McDougall agreed with Ms. Campbell's and Mr. Susin's sentiments.
  • Ms. Belford stated that moving forward makes sense in order to be competitive.  She is on board with staff proceeding with the project.

Ms. Hann shared with the Board a CTE project for Cocoa Beach, which is a Aquaculture program in partnership with the Brevard Zoo.  Mr. Susin stated that there is a strong need, per the Economic Development Council (EDC), on looking at the waste water in our Lagoon and he would love to have the EDC work in collaboration with us on this project, which could also produce support in funding.


Ms. Hann also shared a project at MILA Elementary where they are evaluating bldg. 9 or the need for a classroom addition.  Ms. McDougall asked about the pool in that building as there is an amazing special needs program there.  Ms. Hann  stated that they would like to work with the school to create a better facility to serve their special needs students.  Ms. Campbell stated that Lockmar had a pool which had a leak and they filled it, but the space was repurposed and put to good use for their special needs students.


Ms. Campbell asked how the robotic mowers have been gowing and if it has been successful.  Ms. Hann that it is going great, there has been five that were deployed which will be evaluated.  Ms. Campbell also asked about the number of properties for sale remaining.  Ms. Hann stated that she could send a list to the Board with what is remaining.


Ms. Belford asked if goats were being brought back this year.  Ms. Hann stated that goats are not being used at the moment, but they will be utilized if the need arises.

Closing Remarks
6. Closing Remarks
7. Adjournment

Chair Belford adjourned the workshop at: 4:08 p.m.

Chairman: ___________________________________ Secretary: ___________________________________

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NOTE:  Sensory and mobility impaired persons seeking assistance for participation in any meeting, conference, or seminar should contact Tina Snyder, Manager, Professional Standards, five days prior to the meeting date.  Ms. Snyder may be reached at 321-631-1000, ext. 11226 (voice) or snyder.tina@brevardschools.org (email).

NOTE: Individuals or groups may address comments to the School Board during the Rule Development portion of the meeting specific to the policy being discussed.  There will be no other opportunity to public comment during workshops.

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