Educational Services Facility
9:30 a.m.

June 14, 2022 School Board Meeting
A. Call to Order
1. Call to Order
A. Roll Call
2. Roll Call
A. Moment of Silence
3. Moment of Silence
A. Invocation
A. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Pledge of Allegiance
A. Entertainment
A. Board Member/Superintendent Recognitions
5. Board Member/Superintendent Recognitions
A. Adoption of Agenda
6. Adoption of Agenda
A. Ancillary Item
A. Administrative Staff Recommendations
7. Administrative Staff Recommendations
B. Recognition of Visitors/Guests/Staff
C. Resolutions/Proclamations
D. Presentations
8. Community Conversation Report
BPS Board Presentation - Community Converation Update.pdf
E. Public Comment (Agenda Items)
9. Public Comments (Agenda Items)
F. Consent
F. Board Office
10. Meeting Minutes
2022-0524 Board Work Session.pdf
2022-0524 Board Meeting.pdf
11. Student Expulsion(s)
12. 2022 Board Meeting Calendar Amendment
Board Approved Meeting Dates 2022 - Revised.pdf
F. Financial Services
13. General Fund Budget Amendment for February 28, 2022
February 2022 FY 2022 Monthly Budget Amendment #5.pdf
14. Property Disposal
Board Report 06-14-2022.pdf
Board Report Letters 06-14-2022.pdf
F. Budgeting, Cost Accounting & FTE
FINAL Interim Financial Statements - January 31 2022.pdf
F. Accounting Services
16. Investment Performance Report for Quarter Ending March 31, 2022
1Q2022 Brevard SD Board Report FINAL.pdf
F. Human Resources
17. Instructional Staff Recommendations
Instructional Staff 06-14-2022.pdf
18. Support Staff Recommendations
Support Staff 06-14-2022.pdf
19. Cabinet Reappointment Nominations for 2022-2023
22-23 Admin Reappts Cabinet.pdf
20. Job Descriptions (3): Manager - Employment; Manager - Human Resources Services and Project Management; Manager - Compensation and Position Control
JD Authorization Form_Compensation and Position Control.pdf
JD Authorization Form_Human Resources and Project Management.pdf
JD Authorization Form_Manager - Employment.pdf
F. Secondary Office of Leading and Learning
21. Field Trip - Heritage High School's TSA Club to Dallas, Texas
F. Student Services
22. Department of Juvenile Justice 2022-2023 School Calendar
DJJ 22-23 calendar.docx
F. District Operations
23. 2022-2023 Memorandum of Understanding with Municipalities for School Resource Officers
Palm Bay 2022-23 MOU-SRO.pdf
Satellite Beach 2022-23 MOU-SRO.pdf
Titusville 2022-23 MOU-SRO.pdf
Cocoa SRO MOU 2022-23 5.17.22 Signed by City.pdf
Melbourne SRO MOU 2022-23 REVISED 6.1.2022.pdf
Indian Harbour Beach MOU-SRO 2022-23 signed by City.pdf
Melbourne Beach MOU-SRO 2022-23 signed by Town.pdf
Cocoa Beach MOU SRO 2022-23 signed by City.pdf
Rockledge MOU-SRO 2022-23 signed by City.pdf
F. Elementary Office of Leading and Learning
24. Voluntary Prekindergarten and Head Start Instructional Program
F. Project Management
25. Educational Services Facility - Control Room Upgrade - Construction Management Services
ESF Board Room Control Room GMP Attachments.pdf
26. Educational Services Facility - HVAC for Tech Rooms - Construction Management Services - SALES SURTAX
ESF HVAC Renewal Change Order #1 Attachments.pdf
27. Reappoint School Board Representative to the City of Cocoa Beach Local Planning Agency
28. Melbourne High School - Construction Management Services (Fire Alarm) - SALES SURTAX
Melbourne High School Fire Alarm GMP Attachments.pdf
29. Melbourne High School - Construction Management Services (Retention Pond Remediation)
Melbourne High School Softball Field Drainage GMP Attachments.pdf
30. Stone Middle School - Additional Construction Management Services - SALES SURTAX RENEWAL
Stone Electrical Renewal Change Order #1 Attachments.pdf
31. Limited Authorization Regarding Property Acquisition
32. Clearlake Education Center Advanced Manufacturing Lab - Closeout
CEC - Manufacturing Lab OEF 209 for Board approval.pdf
F. Approval of Consent
33. Approval of Consent
Items Pulled for Discussion
G. Public Hearing
H. Action
H. Procurement and Distribution Services
34. Department/School Initiated Agreements
a - 22-100-A-WH - Harris School Solutions Rnwl.pdf
b - 22-731-A-HD - AMIkids Space Coast Inc..pdf
c - 22-812-A-MC - Brevard Achievement Center.pdf
d - 22-888-A-MC - Horizon Software LS OneSource.pdf
35. Procurement Solicitations
a - 21-296-PB-WH - Canvas - Renewal.pdf
b - 22-304-PB-MC ALC Transportation Solutions.pdf
c - 22-775-PB-MC - Johnson Control Inc HVAC.pdf
d - 22-786-PB-DR - Sourcewell Kenworth T800.pdf
e - PB 22-485-PB-JW - SofSurfc Plygrnd Mtl.pdf
f- RFP 22-498-P-JE Agenda and Agreements.pdf
g - 20-661-SC-SH - Flooring Mtl.pdf
h - 22-777-SS-MC - ABB Freq Drives HVAC revised 06022022.pdf
i - 22-801-SS-HD - Tobii Dynavox.pdf
j - 22-814-SS-HD - Benchmark Ed Co. Decodables.pdf
k - 22-817-SS-MC - Accuair Bard HVAC.pdf
l - 22-842-SS-HD - Benchmark Education Company.pdf
H. Legal Services
36. 22-858-A-KR - Contract for outside legal counsel by and between Jeffrey E. Mandel, Esq. and The School Board of Brevard County
Outside Counsel Agreement - Fisher & Phillips LLP (J Mandel).pdf
I. Information
I. Secondary Office of Leading and Learning
37. Title II, Part A: Supporting Effective Instruction
38. Title IV, Part A: Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE)
I. District Operations
39. Board Policy 3315 Student and Staff Wellness
po3315 (Repealed) with Coverpages for Upload (rev 4.18.22).pdf
40. Board Policy 8510 Wellness
po8510 (New Proposed) with Coverpages for Upload (rev 4.18.22).pdf
41. 2022-2023 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Grant
I. Elementary Office of Leading and Learning
42. Board Policy 5121 Controlled Open Enrollment
po5121 - With Coverpages for Upload.pdf
I. Project Management
43. Board Policy 7250 - Commemoration of School Facilities
po7250 WITH COVER PAGES for Upload Revised 6.8.22.pdf
44. Board Policy 7110 Student Accommodation
po7110 with Coverpages for Upload - Copy.pdf
45. Tooley Community Development Group Concept Proposal for Cuyler
Cuyler site map.pdf
Tooley Community Development Group Cuyler School Use Plan.pdf
Tooley Community Development Group Organization Narrative.pdf
J. Staff Reports
K. Board Member Reports/Discussion Points
46. FSBA Advocacy Committee Representative & Alternate
47. Board Member Reports/Discussion Points
L. Superintendent's Report
48. Superintendent's Report
M. Public Comments (Non-Agenda Topics)
49. Public Comments (Non-Agenda Topics)
N. Adjournment
50. Adjournment

INSTITUTION:  ARTICLE IX - SECTION 1.  Public education:
The education of children is a fundamental value of the people of the State of Florida. It is, therefore, a paramount duty of the state to make adequate provision for the education of all children residing within its borders. Adequate provision shall be made by law for a uniform, efficient, safe, secure, and high quality system of free public schools that allows students to obtain a high quality education and for the establishment, maintenance, and operation of institutions of higher learning and other public education programs that the needs of the people may require.

Individuals or groups may address comments to the School Board at any regular meeting by following established procedures set forth in Board Policy 0169.1.  All attendees must register his or her intention to speak in the public portion of the meeting upon arrival by completing a speaker's form.  The signup period for all public comments, both agenda and non-agenda, will close at the start of the Board meeting.


  • Sensory and mobility impaired persons seeking assistance for participation in any meeting, conference, or seminar should contact Karyle Green, Director, Labor Relations, five days prior to the meeting date.  Dr. Green may be reached at 321-633-1000, ext. 11266 (voice) or green.karyle@brevardschools.org (email).
  • This publication can be made available to persons with disabilities in a variety of formats, including large print, DVDs and Braille.  Telephone or written requests should include your name, address, and telephone number.  Requests should be made to School Board Office, 2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, FL  32940-6699, (321) 633-1000, ext. 11412 at least two (2) weeks prior to the time you need the publication.
  • We respectfully request that ALL ELECTRONIC ITEMS AND CELL PHONES REMAIN OFF while the School Board is in session.
  • Brevard Public Schools Television (BPS-TV) will broadcast this meeting live on Spectrum cable channel 496.   Board meetings are also available as streaming video on the district web page at www.brevardschools.org and YouTube channel at https://youtube.com/c/BrevardSchools.   
  • Any person who decides to appeal a decision made by the School Board with respect to any matter considered at such meeting or hearing is hereby advised that he or she will need a record of the proceedings, and that, for such purpose, he or she may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.
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