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June 13, 2023 Board Meeting
Quest Elementary - Chilled Water Pipe Repair - Construction Management Services
Meeting Date(s)
Consent w/o Information - 06/13/2023
Consent Type
Without Information

Facilities Services is addressing a leaking chilled water pipe which is part of the central energy plant. The initial investigation (preconstruction services) is under contract with Ivey's Construction, Inc. under their continuing contract for construction management services, with engineering support from DDC Engineering, Inc. under their continuing contract for engineering services. Based on the investigation, Ivey's Construction, Inc., has submitted a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the repair in an amount not to exceed $91,627.19 under their continuing contract for construction management services. This project is being expedited to minimize equipment rental, remobilization and other potentially duplicative costs.

The central energy plant renewal project is funded through 2020 sales surtax. Administration and permitting costs have been previously budgeted.

Board approval is required for purchase orders over $50,000. The standard form of the agreement has been used which does not require legal review. 


Approve the total project construction budget for the chilled water pipe repair at Quest Elementary School in the amount of $91,627.19.

Approve the Guaranteed Maximum Price submitted by Ivey's Construction, Inc. under their continuing contract for construction management services in an amount not to exceed $91,627.19 for the chilled water pipe repair at Quest Elementary School. 

Authority for Action
F.S. 1001.42
Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom
Source of Funding

Sales Surtax
Financial Impact
FY Amount Budgeted Fund Cost Center Project Function Object Program
22/23 $91,627.19 Yes 397/398 3151 520400 7400 681 000
Legal Counsel Review
Susan Hann, P.E., Assistant Superintendent Facilities Services 633-1000 ext. 11446 David Lindemann, AICP, Director Planning & Project Management 633-1000 ext. 11463
Quest Chiller Pipe Repair GMP Attachments.pdf
Quest chilled water line leak photos.pdf
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