Educational Services Facility
2:00 p.m.

July 27, 2023 Work Session
Opening Exercises
1. Opening Exercises

Start time 2:00 pm

Roll Call
2. Roll Call

Kayte Campbell , Jennifer Jenkins, Matt Susin, Gene Trent, Megan Wright, Dr. Rendell, Paul Gibbs

Pledge of Allegiance
3. Pledge of Allegiance

Chairman Susin led the pledge of allegiance.

Order of Business
Rule Development / Public Hearing
4. Board Policies - Bylaws 0118 through 0172
Board Bylaws 0118 - 0172 PDFs for Upload Rev 7.12.23.pdf

Mr. Susin opened up for pubic comment and then opened to the floor. .  Mr. Gibbs recommended that the Board go through all policies during the work session.  Pulled Policy 0118 to reevaluate.   

5. School Board Policy 2431 Interscholastic Athletics
po2431 with Coverpages for Upload.pdf

Mr. Susin asked the Board for comments, no Board member comments.  Mr. Susin opened the floor for discussion,  no discussion/comments.  

6. Gardendale Separate Day School - Update
GSDS_PS Plan_Final 7.27.23.pdf

Mrs. Dampier showed a PowerPoint on the Gardendale Separate Day School Support Plan.  She went over the Needs and Assessment for the training of staff, modeling the professional development, and timeline for coaching the teachers and implementing the plan.   The Board members thanked Mrs. Dampier and her team for their dedication and hard work.




7. Drug Diversion Program - Update
Drug Diversion Update final 7.27.23.pdf

Jayna Jenkins showed a PowerPoint on the Drug Diversion Program.  She talked about the drug testing and the policies that are in place if they pass/fail.  She discussed the options A or B.

8. Lobbyist Registration Discussion

Mr. Susin outlined what the process would be and why it would be good for BPS to have this in place.  Mr. Susin opened the floor for discussion.  Ms. Campbell recommended that there be no fee.  

9. Discipline Work Group Nominations, Direction & Meeting Dates

Mrs. Dampier spoke about the structure of the Discipline Work Group and the Board discussed the 2 individuals they would like to appoint to the committee. They will email Mrs. Dampier their two names and contact information. The Board thanked Mrs. Dampier and her team for their hard work.


Board takes a break at 3:31 pm


10. 5000 Policies Review

Board resumes at 3:37 pm


The Board reviewed the 5000 Policies one by one. 

The Board recommended Mr. Gibb's to take these policies to the staff and bring it back with any concerns.

  • 5111.01 Homeless Students
  • 5111.03 Children in Youth and Foster
  • 5112 Entrance Requirements
  • 5120 Assignment Within District 
  • 5121 Controlled Open Enrollment 
  • 5215 Missing and Absence Children 
  • 5223 Absence for Religious Instruction
  • 5136 Wireless Communication Devices
  • 5200 Attendance
  • 5320 Immunization and Health Examination
  • 5330 Use of Medications 
  • 5330.01 Self administered medication and Epinephrine use
  • 5330.03 Staff administered medication
  • 5335 Care of Students with Chronic Health Conditions
  • 5341 Emergency Medical Authorization

The Board has recommendations on the following policies:

  • 5111.02 Educational Opportunity for Military Children: Error on Policy Hyperlink needs fixed.  Militaryonesource.mil has a PDF available.  Mr. Susin suggested the Board review FL. Statute 1000.36 to possibly adding some of this our policy. Mr. Susin recommended that Mr. Gibbs review and add a working link to the FL. State Statue 1000.36
  • 5113  School of Choice options provided by Federal Law:  from 2018 (already have HOPE Scholarship opportunity) Mr. Susin recommended not incorporating this one.
  • 5114 Foreign Students: Mr. Susin has questions about the fee.  Mr. Susin recommended sending this back to Dr. Rendell to review taking the fee away from the F1 visas.
  • 5130 Withdrawal from School  Ms. Campball has questions about the survey the students fill out when they dropout/withdrawal?
  • 5136.01 Technology Resources and other Technology equipment: Has NEOLA updates.  We do not have this policy.  Mr. Susin does not recommend that we implement this policy Ms. Campbell and Ms. Jenkins agree.
  • 5225 Absences for Religous Holidays: NEOLA update is a better format.  Mr. Susin recommended that the Board compare the list and add the ones not listed. 
  • 5310 Health Services: NEOLA update newer than ours - Ms. Wright had concerns about the letter being handed directly to students. Dr. Rendell recommended that we have them emailed directly to parent/guardian using FOCUS.  Mr. Susin recommended to add the last paragraph of NEOLA change to our policy. 

The Board approves and Time Stamps the following policies:

  • 5335.01 Diet Modifications
  • 5340 Student Accidents 
  • 5230 Late arrival and Early dismissal

the Board recommended that they pause on this policy until next Work Session. 

  • 5350 Student Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Ms. Campbell recommended that if the policy says we have an Administrative procedure have them listed in the Administrative procedures drop down menu. 


Closing Remarks
11. Closing Remarks

Ms. Wright recommended to do a special Work Shop with only the policies on the Agenda.  The Board recommended other Tuesdays that are not regular Work Sessions.  The Board recommended two 4 hour sessions. 

The Board agreed upon these two dates: August 15, 2023 and August 29, 2023 from 9am - 1pm.

12. Adjournment

Mr. Susin adjourns meeting at 3:37 pm.

Chairman: __________________________ Secretary: ________________________________


  • Brevard Public Schools Television (BPS-TV) will broadcast this meeting live on Spectrum cable channel 496.   Board meetings are also available as streaming video on the district web page at www.brevardschools.org and YouTube channel at https://youtube.com/c/BrevardSchools.   
  • Sensory and mobility impaired persons seeking assistance for participation in any meeting, conference, or seminar should contact Karyle Green, Director, Labor Relations, five days prior to the meeting date.  Dr. Green may be reached at 321-633-1000, ext. 11266 (voice) or green.karyle@brevardschools.org (email).
  • Individuals or groups may address comments to the School Board during the Rule Development portion of the meeting specific to the policy being discussed.  There will be no other opportunity to public comment during workshops.
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