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July 13, 2021 School Board Meeting
2021-2022 Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement with EFSC
Meeting Date(s)
Consent w/o Information - 07/13/2021
Consent Type
Without Information

Florida Statute 1007.271 requires a school board and college to enter into an inter-institutional articulation agreement to provide dual enrollment opportunities for eligible high school students.  The articulation agreement must be approved and submitted to the Florida Department of Education by August 1, 2021.

It is proposed that the School Board of Brevard County (SBBC) enter into a 1-year Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement (for the 2021-2022 school year) with the District Board of Trustees for Eastern Florida State College (EFSC). The list of changes below highlights modifications made to the 2020-2021 agreement that are included in the proposed articulation agreement for 2021-2022.

Changes to the 2020-2021 Articulation Agreement between the SBBC and EFSC that are included in the proposed 2021-2022 Articulation Agreement:


They may not add a 12 or 8 weeks course to maintain EA status (add).  They may continue as a part-time dual enrollment student provided they meet dual enrollment eligibility criteria. (BPS) (page 6)


C.  The Associate in Science Degree Collegiate High School

The Associate in Science Collegiate High School program is an acceleration option that enables qualified high school seniors to complete at least 30 credit hours toward an A.S. Degree that prepares them to sit for one or more CAPE industry certification exams at no cost.  This program is offered as a special track within the college's Early Admission Program. (page 2)

Students taking three high school classes at a block schedule high school must register for two EFSC campus dual enrollment classes; students taking two high school classes must register for four EFSC campus dual enrollment classes.  One-credit laboratory courses do not count towards the course total. (page 7)

A copy of the proposed Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement for 2021-2022, including the exhibits, are attached below for your review.


Approve the attached articulation agreement with EFSC.

Authority for Action
General Powers and Duties of the Board
Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom
Source of Funding

Other Sources
Financial Impact
FY Amount Budgeted Fund Cost Center Project Function Object Program
22 $3,740,000.00 YES 100 9810 011073 5100 312 103
22 $970,420.000 YES 100 9810 000021 5100 521 103
Legal Counsel Review
Yes - Review Date: 06/10/2021
Nancy Howser, Resource Teacher, 7-12 AVID, Gifted & Accelerated Programs, ext. 11322 Mollie Vega, Director, Secondary Leading & Learning, Acceleration & Enrichment, ext. 11583 Dr. Stephanie Soliven, Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Leading & Learning, ext. 11300
2022 EFSC DE Articulation Agreement Final for Board review 07.13.21.pdf
2022 EFSC DE Articulation EXHIBIT A (Final).pdf
2022 EFSC DE Articulation EXHIBIT B (Final).pdf
2022 EFSC DE Articulation 21-22 Exhibit C (final).pdf
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