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July 11, 2023 Board Meeting
Veteran Agency/Program Coordination Meeting
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Information - 07/11/2023
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Overall goal of discussion is to establish stronger connections with Department of Defense agencies and programs, increase participation in Department of Defense programs/scholarships related to STEM/leadership opportunities, increase retention and recruitment coordination between Brevard Public Schools and Department of Defense, improve processes and procedures for incoming veteran families who relocate to Brevard, increase programs in recruiting for the Department of Defense and establishing a task force that meets to evaluate and implement changes and improvements in these areas. Multiple local veteran/military support and advocacy groups provide several opportunities and avenues to help meet these objectives. This meeting is to connect all Brevard Veteran entities together to collaborate and set initial discussion topics where at a later date entities will come together in September to discuss all but are not limited to the items below:

  1. Coordinating BPS and Defense Industry programs (Cyber Patriot, Stellar Explorers, Boys & Girls State, scholarships, etc....)
  2. Assessing/improving processes for addressing military family needs when moving to Brevard County and enrolling in BPS.
  3. Coordinating BPS employment offers with DOD personnel on current spouses of employees and retiring veterans and their spouses.
  4. Coordinating expansion of JROTC programs (Advertising Home School opportunities, stronger DOD coordination on field trips and opportunities and evaluating facility and staffing needs for expansion at existing JROTC programs – both Air Force and Space Force).
  5. Coordinating expansion/improvement of DOD recruiting (Coordinating with current recruiting coordinators on access and providing higher engagement of opportunities with the Department of Defense).
  6. Veteran Museum Certificate of Achievement (The creation of a veteran museum certificate of achievement for students who, with approval from the entity, visit the existing museums, volunteer, and write a summary of their experiences. Examples of veteran museums are Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum, Liberty Bell Museum, Brevard Veterans Memorial Center, Cape Canaveral National Cemetery, and others.
  7. Establishment of task force with Department of Defense (specifically the US Space Force and US Air Force via Patrick SFB) and veteran organizations for coordination of all efforts listed above (set meeting date twice a year with coordinating agencies to review needs and update on deliverables from previous meeting).


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