Educational Services Facility
2:00 p.m.

December 15, 2020 Rule Development and Board Workshop (School Capacity and Sales Surtax Update)
Opening Exercises
1. Opening Exercises
Roll Call
2. Roll Call
Pledge of Allegiance
3. Pledge of Allegiance
Order of Business
Rule Development (Policy)
4. Board Policy 5121 Controlled Open Enrollment
5121 Exe Summary Current NEOLA Redline and Clean (10-28-20).pdf
5. Board Policy 6180.01 Allocations and Use of Sales Surtax Contingency
6180.01 Exec. Summary, Current, NEOLA, Redline, Clean (10-28-20).pdf
6. Board Policy 6180.02 Allocation and Use of Sales Surtax Revenue in Excess of Estimate
6180.02 Exe. Summary, Current, Redline and Clean (10-28-20).pdf
7. Board Policy 6180.03 Temporary Transfers of Sales Surtax Cash Between Groups
6180.03 Exe. Summary, Current, NEOLA, Redline and Clean (10-28-20).pdf
Order of Business
8. School Capacity
Capacity Presentation 12 15 2020 final.pdf
Viera DRI Agreement.pdf
9. Sales Surtax Update
Closing Remarks
10. Closing Remarks/Direction
11. Adjournment

NOTE:  Public attendance will be on a first come, first served basis allowing for up to 30 attendees in addition to staff and Board members.  Please be reminded that face coverings are required for all attendees.

NOTE:  The meeting will be live streamed through normal BPS channels.

NOTE:  Sensory and mobility impaired persons seeking assistance for participation in any meeting, conference, or seminar should contact Tina Snyder, Manager, Professional Standards, five days prior to the meeting date.  Ms. Snyder may be reached at 321-631-1000, ext. 11226 (voice) or snyder.tina@brevardschools.org (email).

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