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December 14, 2021 School Board Meeting
Independent Citizens Oversight Committee Annual Report to the School Board
Meeting Date(s)
Resolution / Presentation - 12/14/2021
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The Independent Citizens Oversight Committee (ICOC) was established by Charter enacted by the School Board in 2014, with the initial members appointed in February 2015. The Charter requires that the ICOC make periodic reports to the School Board, but not less than once per year.

Gary Shiffrin, Chair of the ICOC, will present the ICOC Annual Report to the School Board that was approved by the ICOC at their October 20, 2021 meeting.

This is the seventh ICOC Annual Report presented to the School Board.

Five ICOC members have served since February 2015. Ms. Spellman is continuing on the committee, while the remaining four will be retiring from service following appointment of new ICOC members early next year.

  • Gary Shiffrin - Chair 
  • Eugene Cavallucci - Vice Chair 
  • Kayla Spellman - Treasurer 
  • Brian Blenis
  • Mark Young

Accept the ICOC Annual Report to the School Board.

Recognize ICOC Members who have served since 2015::

  • Gary Shiffrin - Chair 
  • Eugene Cavallucci - Vice Chair
  • Kaylan Spellman - Treasurer  
  • Brian Blenis
  • Mark Young


Authority for Action
ICOC Charter
Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom
Source of Funding

Agenda Item will not Require the Expenditure of Funds
Financial Impact
FY Amount Budgeted Fund Cost Center Project Function Object Program
Legal Counsel Review
Susan Hann, P.E., Assistant Superintendent Facilities Services 633-1000 ext. 11446
ICOC Annual Report to the School Board 2021.pdf
ICOC Annual Report 2021 final.pdf
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