Educational Services Facility
5:30 p.m.

August 9, 2022 School Board Meeting
A. Call to Order
1. Call to Order

Chairman Belford called the meeting to order at 5:31 p.m.

A. Roll Call
2. Roll Call

Board Members Present:  Misty Belford, Katye Campbell, Jennifer Jenkins, Cheryl McDougall and Matt Susin.

A. Moment of Silence
3. Moment of Silence

The Board held a moment of silent reflection and invited the audience to join.

A. Invocation
A. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Pledge of Allegiance

Chairman Belford led the pledge of allegiance.

A. Entertainment
A. Board Member/Superintendent Recognitions
5. Board Member/Superintendent Recognitions

Board members and Dr. Mullins recognized various students, staff, community members and business partners and outlined the positive impact each have on Brevard Public Schools.

A. Adoption of Agenda
6. Adoption of Agenda

Dr. Mullins read into record the changes made to the agenda since it was released to the public:


  • F18. Approve Memoranda of Agreements with International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, Local 1010 for 2022-23 Premium Pay and Recruitment and Retention Bonus
  • H19. Approve Premium Pay and Recruitment/Retention Bonuses for Eligible Non-Bargaining Personnel
  • K31. Athletic Stipends
  • K32. Teacher Shortage Plan
  • K33. Classroom Libraries and Book Fairs
  • K34 ROTC Additional Instructor
  • K35. Parental Visitation During Lunch


  • H30. Department/School Initiated Agreements
Approve the August 9, 2022 Board Meeting agenda and its revisions.
Vote Results ( Approved )
Motion: Cheryl Mcdougall
Second: Katye Campbell
Misty Belford - Aye
Katye Campbell - Aye
JenniferD Jenkins - Aye
Cheryl Mcdougall - Aye
Matthew Susin - Aye
A. Ancillary Item
A. Administrative Staff Recommendations
7. Administrative Staff Recommendations

No administrative recommendations were added to this placeholder; therefore, no vote was necessary.

B. Recognition of Visitors/Guests/Staff
C. Resolutions/Proclamations
D. Presentations
D. Superintendent
8. Back to School Update and Safety & Security
Supt Report - Back to School Update and Safety and Security - 8.9.22.pdf

Dr. Mullins provided a Back to School Update and Safety & Security presentation to the Board and audience. 

Discussion ensued among the Board regarding the information presented and the great work throughout the district.

E. Public Comment (Agenda Items)
9. Public Comments (Agenda Items)

Chairman Belford reminded speakers of their time limit of three minutes and of the decorum expected while speaking. 

Two individuals signed up to address the Board. 

F. Consent
F. Board Office
10. Meeting Minutes
2022-0726 Board Work Session (Superintendent Evaluation 2022).pdf
2022-0728 Board Work Session.pdf
2022-0728 Tentative Budget Hearing and Board Meeting..pdf
F. Financial Services
11. Property Disposal
Board Report Letters 08-09-2022.pdf
Board Report 2 08-09-2022 .pdf
F. School Food and Nutrition
12. 2021 USDA National School Lunch Program Equipment Assistance Grant for School Food Authorities
5 Brevard CSB-signed.pdf
F. Human Resources
13. Support Staff Recommendations
Support Staff 08-09-2022.pdf
14. Specialist - Safety & Security Support Personnel
15. Job Description - Senior HRIS Analyst
9400_SR ANLST_C2528_Draft.docx
9400_SR ANLST_C2528_Clean.docx
JD Authorization Form_Senior HRIS Analyst_BT.pdf
16. Job Description - Position Control Analyst
9400_ANLST-POS CNTRL_C2511_Draft.docx
9400_ANLST-POS CNTRL_C2511_Clean.docx
JD Authorization Form_Position Control Analyst_BT.pdf
F. Labor Relations
17. Approve Memoranda of Agreements with International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, Local 1010 for 2022-23 Premium Pay and Recruitment and Retention Bonuses
MOA - Premium Pay and Recruitment-Retention.pdf
18. Approve premium pay and recruitment/retention bonuses for eligible non-bargaining personnel.
NB Recruitment - Premium Pay.pdf
F. Project Management
19. Satellite High School - Construction Management Services - SALES SURTAX RENEWAL
Satellite Stadium Repairs GMP Attachments.pdf
20. McLarty Stadium - Construction Management Services
McLarty Stadium Repairs GMP Attachments.pdf
21. Bayside High School - Construction Management Services (Baseball/Softball Field Drainage)
Bayside Field Drainage GMP Attachments.pdf
22. Melbourne High School - Construction Management Services (Softball Field Drainage)
Melbourne Field Drainage GMP Attachments.pdf
23. Educational Facilties Impact Fee Allocation - Quarter Ending June 30, 2022
Impact Fee Benefit District Advisory Committee Recommendations 2022-07-11.pdf
24. Melbourne High School - HVAC Renewal - Construction Management Services
Melbourne Building 10 Upgrades GMP Attachments.pdf
25. Bayside High School - Construction Management Services (Track Renewal) - SALES SURTAX RENEWAL
Bayside track photos.pdf
Bayside Track GMP Attachments.pdf
26. Viera High School Classroom Addition - Design Build Services (Early Works)
Viera HS Addition Early Works GMP Attachments.pdf
F. Approval of Consent
27. Approval of Consent
Approve the August 9, 2022 Board Meeting consent items with the exception of those pulled for discussions, if applicable.
Vote Results ( Approved )
Motion: Cheryl Mcdougall
Second: Matthew Susin
Misty Belford - Aye
Katye Campbell - Aye
JenniferD Jenkins - Aye
Cheryl Mcdougall - Aye
Matthew Susin - Aye
Items Pulled for Discussion
F. Human Resources
28. Instructional Staff Recommendations
Instructional Staff 08-09-22.pdf

Mr. Susin explained that there is an active grievance and past arbitrations with similar cases have found against the School Board.  He then explained the process of the grievance and arbitration.  

Mr. Susin had a couple of questions to ensure he is understanding the item for action.  He asked Mr. Gibbs if there is an active grievance over this item.  Mr. Gibbs responded that yes, to his acknowledgement, and it is going to arbitration.  Mr. Susin then asked if there was past arbitration on this topic that was found for or against the district.  Mr. Gibbs explained that this issue has gone to arbitration at least twice and the last one was a loss for the district.  Dr. Mullins clarified that similar cases have been arbitrated in the past, but not all procedural circumstances were the same.

Mr. Susin explained that he pulled this item due to the process of us putting the individual on the agenda while in the middle of arbitration.  He asked if there was a reason why this individual is being appointed now.  Dr. Thedy explained that we are in the approval process for those sports for that season.  Mr. Susin followed to ask if it is consistent to approve appointments for all of the season sports in August.  Dr. Thedy stated we take the supplemental sports for the Fall when they come in from the schools.  Mr. Susin provide the Board with documentation that showed that there has never been an approval between July and August for these sports, which goes against arbitration but also past practice of when we appoint these positions and explained when specific sports were approved on past agendas.  Below are links to the instructional personnel nomination attachments provided by Mr. Susin:

Mr. Susin stated that he would like to amend the current motion to remove Wardell Jefferson-Collins until the arbitration is complete. The motion was seconded by Katye Campbell, which then followed by discussion among the Board.  It was determined to amend the motion to read "Approve the routine instructional staff recommendations, with the exception of Wardell Jefferson-Collins who will be placed on a future agenda for approval".  The item was approved 5-0.

Approve the routine instructional staff recommendations, with the exception of Wardell Jefferson-Collins who will be placed on a future agenda for approval.
Vote Results ( Approved )
Motion: Matthew Susin
Second: Katye Campbell
Misty Belford - Aye
Katye Campbell - Aye
JenniferD Jenkins - Aye
Cheryl Mcdougall - Aye
Matthew Susin - Aye
G. Public Hearing
H. Action
H. Procurement and Distribution Services
29. Procurement Solicitations
a - 22-403-B-CC- Educational and Art Supplies Catalog.pdf
b - 22-776-PB-MC - Carrier Corp.pdf
c - 22-933-SS-WH - n2y.pdf
d - 19-525-P-JE - Recycling Collection Services.pdf
e - 19-804-P-JE -Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery.pdf
f - RFQ 22-500-Q-KR - Continuing CM.pdf
Approve the Invitation To Bid (ITB) below: a - 22-403-B-CC - Educational and Art Supplies Catalog Discount Bid - Procurement & Distribution Services - $Variable Approve the Piggy Back (PB) below: b - 22-776-PB-MC - Carrier Coporation - Facilities Services - $Variable - Operating Other Approve the Sole Source (SS) below: c - 22-933-SS-WH - News to You - n2y - Student Services - $72,696.25 Approve the Requests For Proposal (RFPs) below: d - RFP 21-525-P-JE - A1 - Amendment - Facilities Services - $Variable - Operating Other e - RFP 19-804-P-JE - Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery Services - Renewal and Price Increase - Facilities Services - $Variable Approve the Request For Qualification (RFQ) below: f - RFQ 22-500-Q-KR - Continuing Contract for Construction Management - Facilities Services - $Variable
Vote Results ( Approved )
Motion: Cheryl Mcdougall
Second: Katye Campbell
Misty Belford - Aye
Katye Campbell - Aye
JenniferD Jenkins - Aye
Cheryl Mcdougall - Aye
Matthew Susin - Aye
30. Department/School Initiated Agreements
a - 22-628-A-WH - GoFan Digital Ticketing.pdf
b - 22-855-A-WH - Zoom Rev..pdf
c - 22-921-A-MC - Endeavor Community Partnership School Project.pdf
d - 22-978-A-MM Dori Slosberg.pdf
Approve the Agreements below: a - 22-628-A-WH -GoFan Digital Ticketing - Student Services - $Variable b - 22-855-A-WH - Zoom - Educational Technology - $69,000.00 - Special Revenue Federal c - 22-921-A-MC - Brevard Health Alliance - Student Services - $0.00 - Capital Projects d - 22-978-A-MM - Dori Slosberg Driver Education Act Fund - Secondary Leading & Learning - $139,244.00 - Operating Other
Vote Results ( Approved )
Motion: Matthew Susin
Second: Cheryl Mcdougall
Misty Belford - Aye
Katye Campbell - Aye
JenniferD Jenkins - Aye
Cheryl Mcdougall - Aye
Matthew Susin - Aye
I. Information
J. Staff Reports
K. Board Member Reports/Discussion Points
31. Athletic Stipends

Mr. Susin reiterated a conversation from the July 28 Tentative Budget Hearing & School Board Meeting pertaining to female wrestling and a supplement for the coach.  He provided the Board with background information to an experience he had pertaining to Beach Volleyball having an official program and the potential for the district on a state level.  Mr. Susin also explained the negatives on establishing the program (facilities, participation, etc.).  He stated that he would like to give direction to Dr. Mullins to try and make Beach Volleyball work and bring it back for Board consideration.

Dr. Mullins stated that he can work with his staff to explore this option and will present to the Board by end of September.

32. Teacher Shortage Plan

Mr. Susin stated that families are learning that a substitute may be in their classroom at the start of school with no end.  He explained that vacancies are a long-term sustained problem and stated that it is an opportunity for volunteers to assist with supporting our schools and students to bridge the gaps for our teachers.  Mr. Susin asked Dr. Mullins to provide a plan pertaining to vacancies.  Dr. Mullins reiterated information that he shared with the Board during the presentation portion of the agenda and expanded to include the daily communications with our schools.  Dr. Mullins stated that staff are confident that they have a plan to address current needs and we are ready to welcome our students and will work through adjustments as needed.  Dr. Mullins agreed with Mr. Susin's sentiments on utilizing volunteers to support our schools and students.  He shared the mentoring opportunities that are available to our community and other potential areas to get involved, such as volunteering in media centers.

33. Classroom Libraries and Book Fairs

Mr. Susin stated that there have been two Board Meetings where staff have stated that no communication/direction has been sent to our schools with direction.  Mr. Susin explained that the actual law that everyone is referencing is not effective until January 1, 2023, which states that media specialists are to be trained and ready by this date.  He wanted to provide Dr. Mullins the opportunity to further clarify as there is a misunderstanding.

Ms. Jenkins disputed one of Mr. Susin's statements as the Board received a presentation that was provided to staff which instructed them to vet the books, and if inappropriate, to remove from their libraries; therefore it is not unjust for them to have concern, to be confused and to want clear expectations across the board.

Dr. Mullins stated that we received a memo from Chancellor Oliva verifying that HB 1457 is in place effective July 1, 2022.  The content within the bill includes the DOE's requirement to provide training no later than January 1, 2023 and the DOE is working on the training which will likely be provided in a virtual format.  Dr. Mullins stated that the district is 1) intentionally not trying to over interpret the law, 2) are obligated and responsible for honoring the law, and 3) trying to preserve our staff from being caught in the middle of over interpretation and honoring the law.  He explained that there are going to be challenges on individual’s interpretations along the way, even with the districts admirable attempts to provide clear and concise guidance.  Dr. Mullins stated that there was a meeting with media specialists last week where guidance was provided for classroom teachers to 1) look through their classroom library as done in previous years, 2) inquire if their books are in the district's electronic media center program, which ensures that they have been vetted by media specialists, 3) if there is a book within their classroom that isn't in the program, to take to their media specialist for evaluation.  Dr. Mullins stated that yes, there have been some miscommunications, but it has been limited.  He further stated that 1) libraries are not closed, they are open and available to our kids and families, and 2) book fairs have not been banned by the district.  

Ms. Jenkins stated that the law has very broad language within it, with significant threats to our staff and our children's education.  She explained that she understands the tension on both sides of the issue...  she understands the feeling that the district is over-reacting, but the district is reacting to protect their staff because the language is so broad.   Ms. Jenkins stated that she has advocated on being as cautious as we can, but not rushing as there are significant impacts.  She encouraged staff to take a pause when they have a concern and reach out to someone for more information as this is not a simple solution and is very confusing.

Mr. Susin suggested that an email be sent to employees by the Superintendent with expectations to minimize confusion.  Dr. Mullins stated that he does not want to confuse the issue more and is confident in the communication provided by his staff and will certainly review it all with them to re-evaluate.  He explained that after the review, and if it would be helpful for him to send communication in addition to what staff sends, he is happy to consider it. 

Ms. Belford echoed the sentiments from Ms. Jenkins that the actions by our staff have been for the protection of our teachers.  She stated that she has told individuals that this is a process which has to be worked out and will not be perfect from the beginning.  She explained that there will be questions, but we have to be prudent on ensuring that we are doing what we can to protect our staff.  Ms. Belford agreed with Mr. Susin that it is ridiculous that there is a law in place effective July 1, 2022 but the State's training is not implemented until January 1, 2023.

Ms. Cambpell stated parents should communicate concerns with their schools rather than believing what they are reading on social media and assuming that it is happening in classrooms.

Ms. Jenkins stated that this has been happening for months, and she agrees with Mr. Susin to have the Superintendent send out a message to provide more direction and guidance from the top.

Ms. Belford reiterated that Dr. Mullins will review the communication that has already gone out, and if needed, additional communication will be sent.


34. ROTC Additional Instructor

Mr. Susin stated that ROTC units within our schools would like to increase their enrollment but have been told by the district that additional instructor allocations would not be provided.  He shared that he met with Dr. Mullins to find out specifics and called the Armed Services.  When he spoke with the Armed Services they informed him that in the event the district would like to expand the ROTC program, they would pay their portion for the additional allocation (each instructor is paid half by the district and half by the military).  Mr. Susin stated that he met with Dr. Thedy and learned that there are a couple of factors that create barriers. 

Mr. Susin explained that he does not want a student to be told no if they want to join an ROTC program within our schools.  He stated that he wants to learn how we can streamline the process to increase student participation without creating a situation where we are limited in other areas.  Mr. Susin explained PAR (Personnel Allocation Report) which identifies the number of positions within a school.  

Mr. Susin stated that he will be working with Dr. Mullins to figure out the pieces and will report back to the ROTC instructor so that they understand the process.


35. Parental Visitation During Lunch

Mr. Susin stated that currently parents don't have the opportunity to have lunch with their students in school.  He shared that Dr. Mullins' goal is to not keep parents out, and he is going to try and find a way to get to yes.

Ms. Campbell stated if the goal is to have parents involved in their child's school, each school should be intentional to provide opportunities for parents to be on campus.  She reiterated Dr. Mullins invitation to become involved in their child's school.

36. Board Member Reports/Discussion Points

There were no additional Board Reports/Discussion Points.

The Board took a brief recess at 7:56 p.m. and resumed at 8:05 p.m.

L. Superintendent's Report
37. Superintendent's Report
M. Public Comments (Non-Agenda Topics)
38. Public Comments (Non-Agenda Topics)

Speakers were reminded of the three minute time limit for non-agenda items as well as the decorum expected while speaking.

Twelve individuals signed up to address the Board.  

Ms. Jenkins provided clarification to one of the public speaker's comments pertaining to teacher bonuses.  She explained that what they spoke about was in regards to an old bonus from the State, which was outside the district's control.  The bonuses administered by BPS have gone to all employee groups.

N. Adjournment
39. Adjournment

Chairman Belford adjourned the meeting at 8:34 p.m.

Chairman: __________________________ Secretary: ________________________________

INSTITUTION:  ARTICLE IX - SECTION 1.  Public education:
The education of children is a fundamental value of the people of the State of Florida. It is, therefore, a paramount duty of the state to make adequate provision for the education of all children residing within its borders. Adequate provision shall be made by law for a uniform, efficient, safe, secure, and high quality system of free public schools that allows students to obtain a high quality education and for the establishment, maintenance, and operation of institutions of higher learning and other public education programs that the needs of the people may require.

Individuals or groups may address comments to the School Board at any regular meeting by following established procedures set forth in Board Policy 0169.1.  All attendees must register his or her intention to speak in the public portion of the meeting upon arrival by completing a speaker's form.  The signup period for all public comments, both agenda and non-agenda, will close at the start of the Board meeting.


  • Sensory and mobility impaired persons seeking assistance for participation in any meeting, conference, or seminar should contact Karyle Green, Director, Labor Relations, five days prior to the meeting date.  Dr. Green may be reached at 321-633-1000, ext. 11266 (voice) or green.karyle@brevardschools.org (email).
  • This publication can be made available to persons with disabilities in a variety of formats, including large print, DVDs and Braille.  Telephone or written requests should include your name, address, and telephone number.  Requests should be made to School Board Office, 2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, FL  32940-6699, (321) 633-1000, ext. 11412 at least two (2) weeks prior to the time you need the publication.
  • We respectfully request that ALL ELECTRONIC ITEMS AND CELL PHONES REMAIN OFF while the School Board is in session.
  • Brevard Public Schools Television (BPS-TV) will broadcast this meeting live on Spectrum cable channel 496.   Board meetings are also available as streaming video on the district web page at www.brevardschools.org and YouTube channel at https://youtube.com/c/BrevardSchools.   
  • Any person who decides to appeal a decision made by the School Board with respect to any matter considered at such meeting or hearing is hereby advised that he or she will need a record of the proceedings, and that, for such purpose, he or she may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.
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