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April 28, 2020 School Board Meeting
Resolution - Extension of One-Half Cent School Capital Outlay (Cause Addition)
Meeting Date(s)
Action - 04/28/2020
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At its regular meeting on April 14, 2020, the School Board of Brevard County approved Resolution 2020-01 to extend the one-half cent sales tax that is set to expire on December 31, 2020, for the limited purpose of meeting the District’s administrative obligations of sending the Resolution to OPPAGA. Resolution 2020-01 included a provision that the District would share the surtax revenue with charter schools based upon their proportionate share of the total student population. The charter language was to comply with the legislature’s passage of HB 7097, which takes effect July 1, 2020. Upon the Board’s approval of Resolution 2020-01, General Counsel provided the Resolution to OPPAGA. General Counsel also sent a copy to the Florida Department of Revenue upon receiving a request for any draft resolutions the Board was considering to continue the surtax. The Department of Revenue reviewed the draft and advised that the Resolution needed to add the charter sharing statement to the ballot language as well. After confirming that the Department of Revenue’s interpretation of HB 7097 was that the statement had to appear in the resolution as well as in the ballot summary, the District has amended Resolution 2020-01 to comply with the Department of Revenue’s request. The amended resolution, now Resolution 2020-02, incorporates the sharing statement required by HB 7097 into the ballot summary while limiting the word count to 74 words, in compliance with the 75-word limit. Passage of Resolution 2020-02 is only to meet our administrative requirements for submitting the revised Resolution to OPPAGA within their 180-day timeframe. The Resolution will be brought back to the Board at a later date for consideration of whether to move forward by submitting the Resolution to the Board of County Commissioners for placement on the 2020 ballot.


Approve the cause addition to 2020-02 Resolution regarding the extension of the one-half cent school capital outlay sales surtax to satisfy the District’s administrative requirements, including submitting to OPPAGA for review.

Authority for Action
FS 1001.42
Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom
Source of Funding

Agenda Item will not Require the Expenditure of Funds
Financial Impact
FY Amount Budgeted Fund Cost Center Project Function Object Program
Legal Counsel Review
Yes - Review Date: 04/24/2020
Mark W. Mullins, Ed.D., Superintendent
RESOLUTION 2020-02 (4-24-20) Final.pdf
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