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April 28, 2020 School Board Meeting
Brevard Schools Foundation (BSF) Agreement
Meeting Date(s)
Consent w/o Information - 04/28/2020
Consent Type

BSF is organized and operated to receive, hold, invest, and administer property and to make expenditures to or for the benefit of public kindergarten through 12th grade education and adult career and community education programs in Brevard County and has historically provided valuable services in support of public education in Brevard County.  The School Board of Brevard County wishes those services to continue by permitting BSF to use property, facilities and personal services of the District.   The School Board further wishes to contract with BSF for the provisions of services to the District as described in the attached agreement.  


Approve the attached Brevard Schools Foundation agreement in consideration of the mutal promises and convenants exchanged between described parties and $50,000 to be annually provided by the District to BSF, provided such funds are appropriated and included in the District Budget year.

Authority for Action
F.S. 1001.32(2); F.S. 1001.41; F.S. 1001.453
Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom
Source of Funding

Operating - Other
Financial Impact
FY Amount Budgeted Fund Cost Center Project Function Object Program
21 50,000 Yes 100 9122 011041 9100 312 000
Legal Counsel Review
Yes - Review Date: 04/02/2020
Janice Kershaw, President and CEO, Brevard Schools Foundation, ext. 11754
BSF - District Agreement 2021.pdf
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